Our Story

Our Story

In a semi-digital world of filing cabinets and copy machines, a new speech coach walked into the school hoping to find a classroom filled with scripts and folders full of cuttings. With only 5 weeks until the first competition and a roster of 125 students, she found only empty shelves and cabinets. The former coach had packed up and moved every piece of performance literature to their new school. Coach Mooney knew if she left it solely up to the students, she would be prepping selections from required English class readings -- and there were only so many renditions of The Raven she could handle. 

She needed a searchable database of quality performance material with digital cuttings that couldn’t be lost or mis-filed.  So . . . this determined coach, with the help of her team who were the very first 4N6 FANATICS, went to work.  It wasn’t long before other coaches took notice and began asking for copies.  The database we called 4N6 Fanatics led to many successful tournaments for our team; and eventually I expanded the concept into a web-based business to support other coaches.
Many have asked how we selected the name 4N6 Fanatics. 4N6 is shorthand for Forensics (aka Speech/Drama). And Fanatics is a term that described my 2002 team’s unbridled enthusiasm.  4N6Fanatics! was our slogan; it adorned our walls and was imprinted on our team shirts.  But it became much more. . . 

Since 2003, 4N6 Fanatics has served as a resource for over 3,000 teams throughout the nation and in countries as far away as Asia and the Middle East.

Laurie Mooney 
CEO, 4N6 Fanatics
who can still remember being a 
new 4N6 coach (circa 2002)

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