Mark Zastrow
Badger High School

I am the Head Forensics Coach at Badger High School in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and have been using 4N6 Fanatics for almost five years. I have been continually impressed with quality (and quantity) of the competition pieces in The Vault database. Many of the pieces come with an introduction already added, so newcomers are ready to go from Day 1. Not to mention the fact that they are constantly adding to it and sending out emails alerting you to the specific pieces. It has been a godsend in that I can share the login information with new team members and in a few quick searches they have a piece suitable for competition. This eliminates the need to speak to them about the \questionable\ material that they found posted on someone's personal web page. Another item of note is the question/prompt generators. With these, you have access to an almost endless supply of Extemp and Impromptu questions. I like the Impromptu speech topic generator so much that I use it in my classroom. After choosing a category (my students love Would You Rather) they get three choices that can be displayed on my large screen. They pick one and they're off! This is well worth the money! I highly recommend that you check it out.

Marion Oborny
Hoisington HS

I've been a 4N6 Fanatics customer for 10+ years, and the experience has been great! It is great to have quality selections at our fingertips. The kids can do their own searching. The people at 4N6 Fanatics are always there to answer questions and help if I encounter any kind of problem. I strongly recommend 4N6 Fanatics!

Cathy Enneking
Nemaha Central High School

My school has subscribed to 4n6 Fanatics for many years. Because of this site, my students have been able to search for cuttings that are competition-ready including an introduction. My students (and I) also like to browse through the oration and informative topic ideas. The fact that each idea also has a source is a big bonus too. I also use the extemp questions provided on the site for my tournament thus saving me from having to write or buy the questions elsewhere. Another tool that my classes have used from time to time is the IDA topic generator. It's a fun, easy way to come up with topics for in-class presentations. This is a great resource for forensics teams! It is well worth the price.

Amy Smith
Viborg-Hurley High School

My school has used 4n6 Fanatics for years, and their Vault of oral interpretation selections is amazing! It has cut my work by about 80% from the "old days" when I had to find sources for my students, do the cuttings myself, and write introductions and transitions for them. The Vault has that all done for me! I also like how the source ISBN/publication info is included, which is required in my state for contest entries. Thanks!

Jamie Willis
Cherokee High School

Love 4N6 Fanatics! Our school has purchased a membership for many years, and every year we use its multiple resources to get competition ready. From ready to perform scripts to extemp and impromptu questions, this database has everything you need to coach speech. Subscribe. You won't be disappointed

Paul Hackenberger
Winnetonka High School

I love working with 4N6 Fanatics! The resources are a great place to start students on their competition journey. Additionally, the staff are highly responsive and willing to gather resources for new events and assist new coaches. Working with them the last seven years has been a joy!

Janet Johnston
Reed-Custer High School

4N6 Fanatics has been a wonderful help in getting a speech team up and going each year. Students can take control and find their own pieces thus taking ownership of their own performances. I highly recommend 4N6 Fanatics especially to new coaches.

Martha Krieger
Shikellamy High School

I like the organization that makes it easy for students (and coaches) to find pieces in the category and event of their choice. There's a great variety of pieces that students who have searched on the site have always been able to find something that works for them.

Vonda Warren
Wink High School

4n6 Fanatics has been the perfect resource for me and my speech team. The cuttings in The Vault are such a time saver and my weekly emails give me all kinds of ideas. This website has been a lifesaver!

Mark Otte
Waupaca High School

As a resource for forensics students, especially new forensics students, this resource is hard to beat. The materials are generally cut thoughtfully and clearly, and I like that the company includes information at the ends of the pieces regarding places when that particular piece has been used. The owners are always very responsive via email, and the interface of the website is easy to follow. These are not reflections at all on the company, but some important things to consider when using this excellent resource: 1) 4N6 Fanatics is not a publishing company, so for competition in some leagues (such as NSDA), where proof of publication and original source material need to be accessible, you'll still need to find the original source beyond what is on 4N6 Fanatics. 2) -The cuttings used here are just specific cuttings created by 4N6 Fanatics and used by other students. I've found that some of my students feel "locked in" to the specific cutting, the provided introduction (both wording and location), and other aspects of the way each piece "looks" on the page. Good coaching can mitigate this, but it's good to communicate these things to the students. Although there's an introduction provided, I still try to encourage my students to write an original introduction. 3) -In my experience in competition through WFCA in Wisconsin, some (but not all) 4N6 Fanatics pieces see heavy rotation in competition. This is why I usually encourage my newer students to start here and my more experienced students to branch out a little bit. That being said, there are SO MANY resources on this website that are always being updated that careful piece selection can still avoid repetition between competitors from different schools.

Michelle Koch
United North Central Co-op

4N6 Fanatics has been an amazing tool for our "speechers". An amazing variety of credible and powerful scripts. It is a wonderful starting point for new and experienced speakers! I so appreciate our membership!

Laurie Harrison
Fulbright Jr High School

4n6Fanatics is a phenomenal resource for my students! I have been a member for several years and the continually updated resources are a blessing to this busy forensics coach!

Mark Fellowes
Revere High School

4n6 has been essential to the development of our small Speech and Debate program. Interp. students find usable scripts and ideas, particularly in the vault, on a regular basis. We've had students break to finals and even take the championships of Massachusetts league competitions in Poetry, Prose and Play Reading using material from 4n6 Fanatics. They have also been very understanding and patient waiting for our business office to process payments over the last 10 years.

Erin Widener
Waynesboro High School

I love 4n6 Fanatics! It's such a great resource for my students to find pieces for the season. They are exposed to a greater variety there and that helps inspire them to find other pieces as well. Worth the money

Jeannine Seyfried
Rich Township High School

This is an awesome database!! Our team could not do without it. Using 4n6 Fanatics saves us time when finding performance pieces for our Speech Team.

Jordan Hart
Jefferson City High School

4n6Fanatics is an invaluable resource for Debate coaches everywhere. Their staff works tirelessly to ensure that the products they produce are exactly what coaches seek. If you have a piece you would like them to consider cutting, but you just don't have the time to cut one yourself, they will listen and often make a cutting of the performance. If you have a coaching question that you are not sure how to address, they will listen. It is clear that if you are a Debate coach, you need this service. You get the value of the subscription back ten-fold!

Maribeth Harlow
Three Rivers Jr/Sr High School

In a small school, students often participate in multiple extra-curricular activities. As a coach, I encourage students to find their own pieces for class and competition. When students are so involved and busy, finding literature for oral interpretation can be difficult. 4N6 Fanatics provides an easy way for students to read pieces from a variety of literature. I love the easy access and user friendly format of the website and vault. It has made my job easier and my students successful! Thank you 4N6 from the bottom of my heart!

April Machan
Badger High School

Excellent source for all things Forensics. Of particular note are the Extemp question bank and the Impromptu topic generator. These are great for practices and for meet topics. Thanks for a great tool for Forensics!

Cal Vande Hoef
Cannon Falls High School

With a large speech team at Cannon Falls, it is difficult to find dozens of pieces ourselves. 4N6 Fanatics is an invaluable resource and it has excellent customer service. I highly recommend it.

Carol Osborn
Bishop Foley Catholic High School

This is my 1st year of membership, after one of my students brought this site to my attention. For those team members who used it, 4N6 Fanatics was very worthwhile. They have found a plethora of selections which are emotional and speak to them, thus making their performances very engaging with judges and audiences. As a coach, I appreciate the weekly updates, along with tips/suggestions for coaching. It helps to keep my practices fresh and invigorating as I work with students. Your timing is perfect as I appreciate the positive email 1st thing on Monday morning! As "an old person" I had some challenges navigating the site. Otherwise, I feel that this is an important resource for speech coaches. We'll be renewing our membership for the 2022-2023 school year!

Jannetta Carney
Russellville High School

I love how this is so accessible and fits time constraints. I don't always have time to read and search for new materials, but I can trust what 4N6 Fanatics posts. I love the updates of materials added. It has been a blessing for my students and my team. Highly recommended.

Susanne Bruce
Appleton North High School

4N6 Fanatics is always a solid source of materials for our team. Our students in draw categories, especially Impromptu, love the topic generators for practicing their speeches. Every season since joining, we've found pieces from the Vault for interpretive categories as well!

Shelly Nelson
Wall High School

4N6 is an incredible resource for speech coaches and their students! I have been coaching UIL prose and poetry for over 20 years and the only part of the job that I find overwhelming is trying to find pieces for all of my students, students that are often busy and not prolific readers. 4N6 provides a large vault and database of literature and still allows the student to search, connect, and make the piece their own. But that's not all. Laurie Mooney, CEO, was able to help me find documentation needed for contest. Documentation of a book that is difficult to find in print these days. I am so grateful that a colleague introduced me to her company. Money well-budgeted and spent!

Shawna Steplock
East Bernard High School

As an oral interp coach, I find 4N6 Fanatics so very helpful. I can find a piece that might suit my competitor and the cuttings are a great starting place. Thanks, 4N6 Fanatics!

Julie Larnard-Newbury
Towanda Jr/Sr High School

4N6 Fanatics has provided outstanding materials and support to our team for many years. It has made the life of the students and the coaches much better having complete, concise, and literary materials at hand. It gives the students an opportunity to explore varied materials that they would not have access to given the limited resources of a smaller classroom, team library. Thank you, Laurie, for your continued support of the forensic world with a resource that is thorough while still being economical feasible to all.

Kim Heath
Great Bend High School

4N6 Fanatics is a good starting place for my younger students to see a variety of cuttings. We use it a lot to fill in the gaps for supplementary pieces in our Programs of Oral Interp. Thank you!

Alyssa Vanderpool
Highlands MS/HS

Highlands Middle and High School teams from Kentucky love 4n6 Fanatics! The cuttings of pieces have saved us so much time. They also have great prompts for prep events for our team to practice and help prepare for competitions. I highly recommend 4n6 Fanatics, we would be lost without them!

Stephanie Eckel
Browerville-Eagle Valley High School

I love using 4N6 Fanatics for all my new and/or novice speakers. They take all the time out of looking and cutting speeches. I have used their speeches for 9+ years and there isn't an easier site out there. Its price is good and the support is beyond amazing!! The speeches are quality and if I choose, they are ready to present. Thank you 4N6 Fanatics for saving my team and I so much time.

Patrick Moss
Chase High School

4n6 Fanatics is an amazing resource that is a must for any forensics program. I know that I and my students utilize so much of their services from the cuttings vault to the extemp topic generator. It is a wonderful tool and the staff is exceedingly helpful and quick to respond. You NEED this for your program! -- 2022 NSDA Coach of the Year

Laura Whitcombe
MuCutcheon High School

McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana has had a subscription to 4N6Fanatics for years. This is a great tool to get students started in Interps. They can see winning pieces and analyze what makes a cutting work. This helps start the season running or to enter a student mid-season who needs something quickly to get their feet wet. Students love the independence this service provides.

Joan Erickson
Ogilvie High School

I have been a member of 4N6 Fanatics for nearly 10 years now. I have found the site helpful to send students to in order to read possible script ideas. Students who are especially wondering about which category they want to choose, find the site helpful because they can read a variety of areas. The service I have received is top notch.

Erin VanDeWalle
Riverside Privat School

We and our students use this site every year to find scripts for our competitive season. It is user-friendly, well-organized, and consistently updated. We also appreciate the weekly emails that have script summaries, which makes it more timely and easier to remain committed to the script-finding process throughout the year. Additionally, I always receive timely feedback any time I have a question about my account or need to renew my subscription.

Jen Winchell-Buren
West Albany High School

A great service, well worth the cost for any Speech and Debate Team. The materials are excellent and easy to use for students and coaches/teachers. The owner, Laurie, is helpful and responsive with requests. Fantastic company and service.

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