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Your Voice, Your Truth, Your Stage -- Inspiring Coaches and Students since 2003. 

Coaches, you know the swelling sense of pride when students step into the spotlight, raise their voices, and let the world witness their authentic selves through competitive speech and drama.  4N6 Fanatics provides the support you need to ignite their passion and unlock their full potential.
Founded by Laurie L. Mooney in 2003, 4N6 Fanatics brings over 20 years of expertise to the world of competitive speech events:  DUO, DI, HI, PROSE, POETRY, OO, INF, DEC, IMP and EXTEMP.  As a high school speech and debate coach, college competitor and state judge for over 30 years, Laurie recognizes the need for a modern, digital solution for tracking and storing quality performance materials.  

Our mission is simple: To provide speech and drama teams with 24/7 access to a rich database of award-winning performance literature and MORE... 


Services that Transform Forensics, Speech and Drama

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The Vault

2,200+ performance-ready selections, complete with introductions and source information

NEW cuttings added each week during the school year with updates emailed to our coaches

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The Database

24,000+ records tracking State and National qualifiers

Search by Title, Author, Event, Awards, 
Age-Rating, Theme (over 100), Gender, and/or On-Line Availability

Narrow the search to selections stored in the VAULT or FULL-TEXT selections to allow advanced students to create their own cuttings

Access VAULT selections from our database or browse the VAULT directly – the options are endless 

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Extemp & Limited Prep

Extemp Topic Generator 
100+ Domestic & International Questions each month for in-class practice or for use at your own tournament

Impromptu Speech Topic Generator
1,500+ Unique Prompts in 30 Themed Categories -- from “Harry Potter Quotes” to “Social Issues”

Duo Improv Scene Generator
Randomly generates 3 Characters, 3 locations and 3 situations, then student pairs have 30 minutes to create a 4-7 minute scene

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